10 Best Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Apps
Written by Shoaib Iqbal

You want to boost sales in your e-commerce store but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry anymore. Shopify is here to help you out. The Shopify app store contains hundreds of apps that can help you to streamline your tasks, and add new functionality to your store so that your business may run smoothly. The apps contain a variety of plugins, features, and add-ons that will improve your store.

It is often asked that which of the apps would be the best because there are hundreds of them and people gets confused between them. You may have also faced this situation. This article will give you information about 10 best Shopify apps that can help you achieve success in your e-commerce business.

1. OrderlyEmails

Online stores get a lot of emails and sometimes it becomes difficult for them to arrange them. OrderlyEmails is here for you to customize your emails and solve this issue. It is not free but you will purchase it just one time and it will help you for a lifetime. Through shopify, you can customize the emails like order receipts and newsletters. By looking at the clicks, conversation and opens, you can check that how well your company emails are doing.

2. OrderlyPrint

From its name, it is obvious that OrderlyPrint is a sibling of OrderlyEmail. It is as strong as OrderlyEmail. It is perfect for stores of every size. Providing hundreds of pre-made packing slips, receipts, and invoices, OrderlyPrint allows you to customize and process your orders fast. You will pay 19$ monthly and then an unlimited amount of orders would be customized from it.

3. Metafields Manager

If you want to manage extra data on your website or store, metafield manager is all you need. Most of the time, descriptions and titles are not enough and you want more. With this app, metafields can be added to articles, products, pages, collection and more. You can add extra images, related products, videos, or whatever you name it.

4. Socialphotos

Photos are best way to promote or market anything. You must be thinking why need socialphotos app when you can link your Instagram feed to your store. Sure you can do this but this app extracts hashtags so you can check how your product is used by the customers. You can use the photos you post for shopping if you link the photos to the items directly, which is done by socialphotos. For different e-commerce store’s need, there are three paid plans provided for you.

5. Lucky Orange

If you want your store to be successful, you must have to look at the habits of your customers that are behind the scene. For this, lucky orange is the best choice. You can check the usability of site by going through recordings, sales chat, heatmaps, form analytics and polls etc. You can watch live recordings from various anonymous customers to check how they respond to their site.

6. Compass

It is one of most famous Shopify app and also very useful. It gathers your data at a single place and shows it into a dashboard. The dashboard helps you to analyze where you are going well and where your business needs improvement. Other sources like Amazon account and Google Analytics can be connected to it. It is more useful for medium and small companies.

7. Touchcard

This app helps in email marketing. It lets you send personalized letter to your customers time to time through mail. The letters contain generalized discount and coupon codes to attract customers so that they may buy your product. The best thing about this app is that the mail containing the letter will never go to the scam or junk folder. It will reach your customer’s inbox.

8. Countdown cart

Sometimes customers put some item in their cart and forget about it afterwards. The item gets sold quickly and when they check, the item appears to be out of stock. For solving this issue countdown cart app is created. A countdown timer is added to user’s cart which reminds and encourages them to buy the item. A stock countdown feature can also be added which tells the customers that how many people are viewing and buying the item.

9. Mailchimp

When a person has bought an item from your store, mailchimp helps you to keep in touch with that customer. After you connect mailchimp with your store, customer’s data gets sync automatically to mailchimp. Your ROI can be measured and sales can be tracked by the e-commerce link. You can also use the data to create campaigns.

10. Privy

It is a popup tool which generates high converting coupon popups, campaign popups and email popups.

It can easily integrate with other apps in the Shopify store like Bronto, Soundust, Adroll, SendGrid, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, Zapier, Mailchimp and more. Your sales will definitely increase with Privy. For launching your store’s branding, you can even customize your popups.


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