4 Tips To Increase Online Sales

4 Tips To Increase Online Sales
Written by Shoaib Iqbal

Everyone who owns an e-commerce wants to increase his sales. No matter what you do to increase your sales, it would cost you some money. You may be directly paying to Google AdWords or indirectly to Facebook Ads. There are many other ways like creating content for your blog and Facebook page. People click on the links and in this way you generate traffic to your website. Even if you don’t create content for your page or don’t pay to Google AdWords, still you have to work and spread the name of your company. This will also take resources and time to network and spread the word. So, if you want to convert your visitors to actual buyers then you will have to make sure that you don’t waste your resources, time and money by mistakes.

There are some things you will have to pay attention and keep in mind in order to generate traffic and increase your sales.

Not every visitor will buy right away

There are a lot of visitors who just come to a website, look at the products and leave without buying anything. Essentially this is a waste of money for the e-commerce brand. But at the same time, it is not possible that everyone who comes will definitely buy your products. Many fashion companies use retargeting and Facebook ads to solve this issue. The actual problem is that the visitor doesn’t actually need the products and want them at this particular time. This doesn’t mean that the visitor won’t buy from your store ever. It may be possible that he or she will visit again and buy the products.

Design an ideal scenario

It doesn’t matter whether the visitor purchased something or not, gather as much information as you can, related to him. Then segment the visitors based on some criteria like income, location, and age etc. You will have a build a relationship with them so that they may visit again and buy something from your store.

You can do this by asking your visitor to enter his email to get the latest update. Most fashion brands do this but in a very boring way. You can never attract people towards your brand with unexciting and boring ways. Email them about the new variety you add in your store. Give them alerts about coupons and trends. In this way, you can persuade a lot of customers.

Think like a buyer

In order to generate traffic and get customers, you will have to think like them. Let’s take an example, you are a customer and want to buy a high-quality leather jacket. You have to invest your money so you won’t just check a website and buy right away. You will open multiple websites at the same time.

Now, there are many factors that will build your decision towards buying the product. The factors vary from person to person. Most sellers think that discounts and low prices will help to gain customers. It helps but not always. There are some people who prefer quality over any other thing. When they will see a product at a very low price than market, they would assume that its quality isn’t good. When you offer too many discounts time to time, you lose your value. Customer will think that they’re offering me a 10% discounts now; if I don’t buy they will offer me more. In this way, you will lose the attraction of the customer.

So how can you solve this problem? It’s not that difficult. You will have to think like different customers groups and provide offers according to each customer group. Those who prefer quality over price will be ready to pay more for high-quality products. You can offer them a guide about high-quality products of your store. For the people who like latest trends, create blogs related to trends and fashion. Target each specific customer group and you will surely see an increase in your sales.

Benefits of providing creative offer

Almost every other store offers discount and same stuff. Right? So how will you differentiate yourself from them? One of the best ways to attract customers is to offer them guidance. Most customers are confused when they have to make a purchase. If you provide a guide, customers will remember you and distinguish you from other. No matter if they buy right away or not; they will surely come back as you were already on their mind. Capturing the information related to them and marketing to them will help you attract the customers more towards yourself.

Avoid mistakes that create problems in increasing your sales. Your website should be user-friendly. Listen to your customers and think like them. Finally, the steps from first visiting the website and making the final purchase should be simple and easy.


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