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Written by Shoaib Iqbal

Amazon is a great company where sellers can offer their products and interested people can buy them. The best thing about this company is that they pay great attention to their customers and listen to their needs and suggestions. They always find new ways to improve the experience for their customers. It may seem as more work for businesses or people selling their items but whatever Amazon does, it always results in the benefit of both buyers and sellers. Brands that pay attention to Amazon’s upgrades, increase their customer’s satisfaction better than their competitors.

When brands use amazon they get access to more customers but those aren’t the brand’s customers, those are actually Amazon’s customers. Ownership is one of the biggest problems that brands face when they sell through Amazon. Now as Amazon stores have been launched, brands can create a stronger presence and push their products even if they are selling through Amazon.

Consumers can connect directly with brands and find products in lines with the items they searched for. It results in an increase in brand loyalty and sales which is beneficial for Amazon, brands, and consumers all at the same time. So it’s like a win-win-win case.

There are few things you must know like what is an Amazon store, how brands can take benefit from it for increasing their sales and brand popularity and how they are helpful for customers.

What is an Amazon Store?

An Amazon store allows you to promote your brand and your products by customizing it in a new way. Images and text related to the products are featured for customers. A branded content and header tiles are displayed in this multi page store. When a customer searches for a product he doesn’t just see the products but many other related products also. The helps in building interest of the customers towards your brand. You can curate the collection, add brand messaging and imaging, and design pages more creatively with Amazon store.

What are the main features of an Amazon store?

The best thing about this store is its ability to design multiple pages. With this, you can create an experience for your customer that represents your brand and offers that are related to the customers. You can make this design process really simple, intuitive and easy by a builder’s tool offered by Amazon stores. The tool contains template which helps you in designing.

You may have heard or read about rich media content. It has become very popular and important nowadays. They aren’t just important for search engines and other areas but also for the brands and sellers that want to compete. Good news is that Amazon store supports and promotes rich media content usage for improving the shopping experience for both the customers and the brands.

Management and Setup

The starting setup of your Amazon store is simple due to the Amazon store building. You can easily put the nuts and bolts of your store together but for best content and layout, you still need to work on. There is format provided by Amazon in which you can fit your content. For populating your pages, you need to add images and descriptions of your products. A hero image must be added to the navigation bar and header. It is good to make your pages unique, but following the format already provided by Amazon is better as it will be user-friendly.

You will have access to Tile Manager Tools and Page Manager for managing your store by adding deleting, editing and moving your content. You can see you your pages will appear to the audience through preview window. A status bar will help you in tracking the submission process of your pages.

Submission and Approval

Amazon always wants to know whether the content is suitable for the customers or not so they ask businesses to first submit it to them for review and approval. This process is very time consuming and take several days. What if you wait for so many days to find out that something is improper or missing? To avoid this and to ensure that your pages will be approved, go through your content carefully before submitting. Proofread it, find grammatical and spelling mistakes and correct them. Ensure that they’re properly optimized for cell phones and they will give best and user-friendly experience to its customers.

Once that your pages are approved you’ll need to find ways to promote your brand. There are many opportunities provided to brands create a lasting impression on customers. You can easily avail them and make your business a remarkable one.


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