How to Become an Influential Brand

How to Become an Influential Brand
Written by Shoaib Iqbal

Your e-commerce store may be going well. The products you supply are up to the needs and wants of your customer. The reputation of the store is also good. But still, when you look around, you see that there are so many other stores that are doing better than yours. Everybody wants to be on the top so do you. But you don’t know how to implement the strategies in your business that your successful competitors are following. You have to learn some skills if you want to level up your business and beat the competitors. This article will help you to become an influential brand.

Benefits of becoming an influential brand

Before learning how to become an influential brand, you must know the benefits of it. Shopping is like investing; people invest in their money and get products or services in return. When customers shop they like to invest their money in something they can fully trust. They prefer to purchase from experts. Will you ever purchase something from an unknown brand? Definitely not; you would prefer a brand that has a strong name in the market as compared to an unknown brand. Brand popularity and name is more important for the people who prefer quality over price. The main benefit of becoming an influential brand is that you don’t have to face much price resistance and you can sell your products at higher prices easily.

How to indicate an influencer?

Instagram, Facebook and YouTube etc. are social media websites where people interact quite frequently. If you see a Facebook page with 20 million likes or a YouTube channel with millions of subscriber, you easily identify that these are influential brands.

It may appear that getting this amount of followers and likes is easy. It’s easy to assume that there is no hard work involved, as the work done cannot be seen on the front end. But these accomplishments and achievements don’t happen on their own. However, if you go and check the autobiographies and interviews of successful people, you will see that those successes were achieved by a lot of hard work.

A brand can be called an influential brand because you can identify them by their heavy amount of followers, photos of celebrities wearing the brand, and their names mentioned in newspapers etc.

Deciding what your brand represents

There is always something that a brand represents. It may reflect the aspirations or values of a brand’s prospects and customers. It can motivate others to do business with the brand, a philosophical position or a message communicated by the brand. The representation can be subtle or bold.

For example, a huge percentage of men are conservative and older who buy shoes from Allen Edmonds. So, they want the brand to hire workers from America, make the shoes in the United States of America and pay its workers well.

Making a strategy

You have to follow a path to take business decisions about your brand. Decide your tactics and strategies according to your message. Two brands Pierre Cardin and Oleg Cassini were very successful at a time. But they ruined their position by offering different lines of product at various prices. They even offered $20 products are discount retailers. You should focus on your audience and their interests in order to gain influence.

Getting started doesn’t need to be difficult

It is easier for brands with a smaller market to gain influence as compared to brands with larger market or niche. Snapple was a small brand. Once Rush Limbaugh advertised Snapple on his show free of cost. It was the first time Snapple became famous. Getting started doesn’t need to be difficult. Focus on helping and doing things for your customers and audience rather than just selling your products. For example, if you’re selling clothes, write blogs about latest fashion trends. You can also create guides on buying good clothes.

YouTube is one of the best websites to communicate with customers by uploading videos. Make your own YouTube channel and upload videos answering frequently asked questions by most of your customers. Although there is always an FAQ page on every website, still people like to see and hear more rather than reading. Give them tips and tricks on buying, to gain their loyalty. Test your products, make videos and upload them. In this way, people will be more certain about the quality of your product. Ask for feedback and read it carefully. Listen to their suggestions and complaints. Work on your mistakes and offer new things according to your customers’ needs. There are many social media management tools available to keep a track of your progress.

The culture we are living in is driven by influence and celebrity. They sell their products at higher prices than their competitors. They have a lot of loyal customers. What and how they achieved this isn’t magical at all. There are some steps they followed which made them what they’re now. You can also follow these steps and gain more influence, trust and credibility.


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