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Written by Shoaib Iqbal

We are living in the 21st century and global interaction is very vast in this modern era. So brands have to find a way to connect with different demographics by the interacting globally. Nowadays the best way to promote a brand is by connecting buyers and selling directly. Luxury content marketing can be used for creating a compelling story that may build a connection between sellers and buyers.

Various luxury brands are finding different ways of content marketing. A study conducted by Bain & Company in 2015 concluded that global currency increased by $250 billion for the luxury goods market with purchases that were not restricted to a single regional demographics. There are some ways and examples that can help a luxury brand to create content which can easily attract the global market.

Art in the products:

Whenever you try to impress someone you need to create something that is different but attractive. Art has a great role to play in this matter. The product must be artistically impressive in order to gain more attraction. When consumers buy luxury products, their experience is actual and not just materialistic. They build an image of the product in their minds that grow as the brand evolves.

One good example is “Dior”. This company has merged two phenomenon artistry and product development together. Their video named as “lady blue Shanghai” starring Marion Cotillard and made by the filmmaker David Lynch is a perfect representation of how this art in product formula works out. The official website of this company gives their customer a good view of their world.

The importance of brand promoters:

The exclusivity of a product is one of the important things to attract any customer. The brand promoters are essential in this matter. Customers love to spend on the things that are unique. When the price =matches the uniqueness, it attracts a lot of customers. The sense of singularity plays an important part. It must be balanced with reliable sensibility and then the image can be conveyed to the potential customers.

Tesla Motors is a great example of this strategy. They use their shared concern with the luxury customers to appeal them. To get a view of this, anyone can look in the testimonial section of Tesla website. Tesla has successfully conveyed a sense of reliable sensitivity by using customer experiences into their marketing content.

The power of expertise:

While many brands are using different easy-to-use interfaces and visuals to encourage their customers, some brands create a unique visual output which is a very good way to look different from the crowd.

Patek Phillipe ha used this strategy to gain success. This is a brand that uses minimalism to convey things. They give a sense of sophistication and expertise while representing the importance of the tradition. This strategy is made apparent by a lot browsing. Their black and white videos show the importance of family relationships. These videos represent tradition, minimalism, and effect on the products.

Use of mobile for interaction:

We have a very busy life nowadays. Customers don’t want to spend a lot of time on desktop computers to get updated about the products. So mobile phones are very good for content marketing. Customers are constantly using cell phones, mobile devices and tablets to remain updated. Mobile phone and devices are easy to carry. They are portable so customers can carry them everywhere. Those customers who love to travel or travel due to work matters would like to stay connected with the world through their cell phones. This is the reason that a lot of brands are creating content for mobile devices.

Gucci has launched a shopping app named as Gucci Style in 2015. The purpose of that app was to attract an on-the-go lifestyle. There are photos, social feeds, information and a lot of things in the app related to the products. There is a wish list where people can add products that they are considering to buy in the future. A built-in store locator is available and customers can shop through it also. This is a very effective way of keeping the customers engaged in the products of the brand.

The conciseness of message:

Attracting customers is not easy as it may look. People don’t pay attention to the things that have too much or too less detail. They don’t like to read long text that is boring and time-consuming. So it is very important to keep the message as concise as possible. Instagram is best regarding this issue. It is a platform where a brand can add images of a product and add necessary details to it. Instagram is only used to upload photos so it is easy for customers to check products.

Cartier is a good example, their strategy is to focus on just one theme and arrange all related content around that theme. This results in a feed that is concise having a clear message that allows it to stand apart from other luxury brands. One of their campaigns in 2015 showed photos of different celebrities at the Met Gala wearing their jewelry.

Direct Appeal:

Most companies focus on marketing their marketing but some move ahead of them and choose the direct appeal to the customers’ strategy. In this strategy, a company focuses on the identities of their customers and promotes stuff to the related identities. However, this work requires vast research and information about the type of customer a company wants to attract. Once that information is obtained, the company can create content, especially for the desired identity.

Rolex is a good example of a company using direct appeal to attract customers. They used this strategy effectively to promote stuff to the individuals with the same identity. A quick glance at their visual content shows a strategy that is used by experts to engage customers with their products.

Follow your audience:

This is another way to attract more customers towards your product. Rather than promoting their products exclusively, some companies follow their audience and promote stuff that is mostly liked by people. Another thing included in this strategy is companies locate their products in the locations which are mostly visited by the customers.

Burberry kisses used this strategy and targeted millennials. Burberry persuaded them to send kisses to other people using their Burberry app. As a result, this app gained a lot of success in just one week and people were spending an average of three minutes daily to send kisses. Kisses were sent in to 200 countries.

Personal Publication:

Rather than using external things to promote your items, some companies use their own publication. STYLEBOP.COM is a very good example of a company using this strategy. They have simplified the purchase process. Their magazine contains trending fashions, tips from various stylists, most recent styles, and ideas for upcoming seasons etc. Customers can click on the photos available in the magazine and buy the desired thing rather than buying it through the third party.

Gaining customers by stories:

An effective story is difficult to create and requires a solid marketing campaign to be maintained. Some companies like Chanel use stories to attract a large number of audiences. Chanel’s website connects a sense of legacy with their items. They convey small parts of brand’s history which develop a sense of uniqueness that attracts customers. Stories create a relation to the product with the brand.


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